Omar traveled to Malaysia for 13 days for his honeymoon, staying in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu (Borneo island) and Langkawi. This blog post follows the part 3 where Omar was visiting Borneo.


On our last day we took a trip into town for a few hours to see how it was, and it was surprisingly very modernised, with a few malls – one of which was at least 5 floors high and with high street brands. The town is also overlooking the sea and made for a nice walk. It also had the best exchange rates in Malaysia as a note. We also managed to do some kayaking at the resort on the sea which we enjoyed – it was more of a relaxed kayak along the sea top as opposed to an extreme one down gushing rivers!

We were advised to go and see some of the islands around Kota Kinabalu as well as go to nearby world class diving sites (a 1hr plane journey away) however we didn’t have any time, and preferred our time at the magnificent resort. The spa was great and accommodating and all the staff around the resort was very friendly – the friendliest service we have come across worldwide.

As a note – there are very small lizards and insects that one can find while walking around the resort and at times on the room balcony – they were harmless and didn’t affect us at all, but just for one to be aware of. The resort was so close to nature/rainforest that it would be expected to see such wildlife there.

Our stay in Kota Kinabalu ended and we were very fond of this place, the weather was fantastic throughout, not too humid or too hot. The mix between sand and nature was phenomenal.

The Beach in Shangri La Kota Kinabalu

kota kinabalu 4

The resort was above 5*, the food and service was all amazing. We would definitely recommend a couple go here if considering a honeymoon, and also a family as well as it had everything one could imagine for all.

Once again we were taken by a driver to the airport and easily found our way around to the boarding gate to Langkawi. On arrival we met another friendly driver, who took us to the Westin. Once again we were greeted with warmth and great hospitality. The views from the hotel were incredible and overlooked sea and rainforest.

The iew from the Breakfast restaurant in the Westin Langkawi

westin langkawi bkf restaurant

We were escorted to our ocean view villa by buggy. The villa was phenomenal and better than the photos online – including a spacious lounge, a kitchen, and a good sized swimming pool with 1.4m depth.

The pool area was secluded to an extent, and one can’t be seen if inside the swimming pool, however if standing up there is a possibility for neighbours to see or people in front on the beach – however the beach was not public and we rarely saw anyone on it, and in all honesty we never felt affected at all by this, rather we felt secluded in our pool area.

Its definitely a worthwhile consideration, as we had been told that one of the pools at the datai was quite cold, overlooked by rainforest, and with the possibility of monkeys entering, and the private pool at the andaman was not completely secluded. We did see monkeys while at our pool area but they were climbing trees along the beach at least 20 metres away and never came to bother us.


In the part 5 of this blog, Omar will describe his stay in the 5* Westin in Langkawi.