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Looking to book a flight? Contact Orient Travel today and we can book plane tickets for you that will get you to your destinations safely, on time, and within your budget.

We have negotiated discounted air fares with some of the worlds best and leading airlines throughout the east and can reduce your transfer times and expenses.


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Our preferred Airlines



Emirates operates daily flights direct from Dublin to Dubai and connects to more than 130 destinations over six continents. Flying with Emirates offers a unique experience on every flight from its award winning in-flight entertainment to flat bed seats and private suites.

Economy Class

Personal seat back monitors, thoughtfully prepared multi-course meals, and telephone and email service at every seat are just some of the features we designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Business Class

With flat-bed seats and our exclusive Onboard Lounge, and in-seat phone service and laptop charging, Emirates Business Class helps you arrive refreshed and prepared for the next step of your journey.

First Class

Freshen up with a mid-flight shower or close the door and retreat to your own Private Suite. Savour five-star delicacies with our dine-on-demand menu, and enjoy over 1,500 channels of entertainment in Emirates First Class.









Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines operates daily flights direct from Dublin to Istanbul and connects to more than 200 destinations over six continents.

Economy Class

Enjoy the service of Europe’s best airline with award winning cuisine and first class entertainment.

Comfort Class

Fly like business but at comfort style prices. Enjoy extra leg room and unlike many other airlines, which provide a standard economy meal in economy plus sections, Turkish Airlines have designed an upgraded menu for Comfort Class passengers.

Business Class

Enjoy all of the Luxuries you expect when flying business class,  but the one thing that separates Turkish Airlines Business class to the rest is their Flying chef.







Why Choose Us?

Knowledge: Enjoy One-On-One Guidance from Experts
The team at Orient Travel, with over 40 years of combined experience, will act as your ultimate reliable resource when it comes to travelling throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.
First Hand Experience: We Know Because We’ve Been There
Our travel agents do not get their information from websites or brochures. We have actually travelled to these destinations many times, and provide travel recommendations based on real experience.
Professionals: Work With a Reliable and Licensed Company
When booking a trip with Orient Travel, rest assured that you are working with a licensed company that adheres to the highest standards and practices for delivering travel services.
Enthusiasm: Youthful Guides Bring Energy To Your Journey
Our youthful and enthusiastic travel experts can help you design a travel itinerary that will please travellers of any age. We can find activities that will excite everyone within your group.
Friendly Support: With You Every Step of the Way
You never have to worry about being on your own while travelling through a foreign country when you have Orient Travel on your side. We are always glad to lend a helpful and supportive hand.
Custom Tours: Receive Itineraries Personalised to Your Tastes
When planning your trip we take the time to really get to know your group, and your preferences. Using our familiarity with the region, we then design an itinerary that is personalised specifically for you.
Experts Findings: Access Exclusive Insider Travel Information
Many of the local landmarks, restaurants, and other sites that we uncover for you will not be found within your tour book. Thanks to our vast experience, we can clue you in to the hidden gems within any area.