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  • Duration: 6 days
  • Runs: Daily
  • From: €920

A unique blend of the ancient & the modern, Muscat is a beautiful clean city, which lies in the middle of a maze of brown pleated Mountain. Lulled by the Arabian Sea, the city has undergone dramatic development in the past two or three decades. However, it has never lost its heritage & culture. There are few high-rise blocks, and even the most functional building is required to reflect tradition with a dome or an arabesque window. Muscat means ‘safe anchorage’, and the sea continues to constitute a major part of the city: it brings people on cruise ships and goods in containers to the historic ports of Old Muscat and Mutrah. More recently, it has also become a source of recreation at Al-Bustan and Bandar Jissah, and along the sandy beach that stretches almost without interruption from Muscat to the border with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), over 200km to the northwest.

Welcome to the Middle East! In our Dynastic Dubai & Mysterious Muscat tour, discover the contrast between the modernity of the cosmopolitan living environment of Dubai and the unique blend of the ancient & the modern of Muscat. Relax for 7 nights and 6 days in our selection of 5* hotels, enjoy a dhow cruise diner in Dubai and explore those two incredible cities to get a taste of this amazing part of the world.