Omar traveled to Malaysia for 13 days for his honeymoon, staying in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu (Borneo island) and Langkawi. This blog post follows the part  4 where Omar was visiting Borneo.

Our stay in Langkawi was a great end to the trip in Malaysia. We felt we could completely relax with our private pool after a lot of the sight seeing we had done, and so with the sun beating down we were able to relax.

We spent much time enjoying the pool and the walk around the resort with its great scenery. We stayed 5 nights in Langkawi, and on the last couple of days we explored the town around. There wasn’t much in the way of shopping at the nearby town (10-15 minute walk away), however there were some great places to eat – and for much cheaper than the hotel.

We would recommend people explore these places if they want good food at a cheaper price, the only thing missed is the views that the Westin offered. We had been advised to rent a car out which in hindsight we could have done and it would have been cheaper than taxi rides, however we enjoyed our time at the resort, and having seen the amazing scenery so far on our trip, we hardly ventured out of the resort and the relaxing swimming pool!

The one day we did venture out we went for a cable car ride – this was an amazing experience albeit if you’re afraid of heights then can give you a scare as you are elevated 700 metres to a mountain top. The views here were some of the most breathtaking around, and was topped off with a nice tea right at the top.

Cable car experience in langkawi
view from cable cart Langkawi 2


I would definitely recommend this. On our way back to the westin we stopped by na’am watersports which were great and seemed very safe and professional. We spent 30 mins on the jet ski which was great, however we were unable to parasail due to the high winds. This was the same on the next day and so we missed out on parasailing. As advice it might be wise to try and catch a parasail at the earliest opportunity next time as winds can be unpredictable!

Our stay at the Westin was great, the villa was phenomenal, the breakfast was delicious, the staff were very friendly. The hotel was definitely of 5* quality.


view from cable cart Langkawi


Our only problem however was that on the last 2 nights we were woken up by a fire alarm during the middle of the night several times. On the first night we felt this was a one off, however on our last night the fire alarm went off several times and so we raised the issue to the manager. This was quite frustrating being the night before our long flight, and we informed them of this – especially as we needed the rest before the 13 hour flight, and we had hoped to have a nice relaxing morning. Instead we were tired, and unfortunately unable to get a late check out because the room had been booked.

The manager seemed very genuine and kind however, and offered another room to stay in until our late flight, he also offered a stay in the lounge at the airport as well as a nicer car to take us to the airport. He also gave us some money off drinks we had ordered at the hotel and money off a phonecall we had made from the room.

The Westin in Langkawi



Despite our frustrations at 2/5 nights being disrupted, we did appreciate the kindness and measures taken by the manager, and were aware that the problem was the same for other residents as well. The Westin lounge at Langkawi airport was very nice, with free cups of tea and cakes given as a treat! One would hope that a 5* hotel of this quality would ensure such problems don’t arise, especially as our stay was only of 5 days, however the manager was a kind and genuine person who appeared to do what he could to help.

The transfers were all very easy, and the KL airport that we passed through had an array of shops for those interested in a spot of shopping. Our flight back was equally smooth, and the plane food itself was also very good!

All in all the honeymoon was fantastic and an amazing experience. Malaysia had a mix of nice weather, friendly people, good food, beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. The travel agents that we used (Orient Travel) were absolutely amazing and I cannot thank them enough for all their help in organising this. Everything went smoothly, flights, transfers, hotels.


Omar traveled with Malaysia Airlines from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur and between Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi. He stayed in the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (Deluxe Twin Towers View Room), Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort in Kota Kinabalu (Ocean Wing Premier Room) and Westin Resort & Spa in Langkawi (1 Bedroom Ocean Facing Pool Villa).

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