Omar traveled to Malaysia for 13 days for his honeymoon, staying in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu (Borneo island) and Langkawi. This blog post follows the part 2 where Omar was visiting Kuala Lumpur and was onward to Borneo.


We set off for Kota Kinabalu in Borneo – a quick 2 hour flight East bound. As with our previous flight, the transfers were great, we were taken to KL airport and then picked up at Kota Kinabalu by friendly drivers.

We then arrived at the Shangri La in Borneo, and as advised by our travel agent Jeremy – this was a true gem of a resort. The grounds were extensive and amazingly decorated. The resort was between beach and rainforest, and really was a heavenly place to be at.

We were greeted with a gong and friendly staff, and taken to our Ocean view room. The room was big, luxurious, with an outdoor bath tub on the balcony. The resort had swimming pools, tennis court, rainforest walks, a variety of restaurants, a golf course, and a spa, amidst beautifully arranged walks and pathways around the hotel grounds.

A part of the ground in the Shangri La hotel in Kota Kinabalu
Shangri La Kota Kinabalu


The hotel was on the beach and we enjoyed long romantic walks along this sand beach, which was for the most part very secluded during our time there, however was open to the public to walk by still.

The wonderful beaches and sunsets of Borneo
Shangri La Kota Kinabalu 4


I believe most people were enjoying their time in the fun-packed resort and so didn’t do as much walking along the long stretch of beach. We waded into the sea as well, and while it wasn’t wholly dirty per se, it wasn’t the clearest of seas, and officials only had a small patch near the hotel which they advised us to swim in, and would sometimes come and call us back if we swam too far on the other end of the beach!

The breakfast at the resort was more modest than the Trader’s and not as extensive but still very nice and filling – no complaints at all! We went to see the Orangutangs with the resort as well, we were under the impression that there would be a host of these endangered species but it turned out there were only 2. Nevertheless it was still worth the experience of seeing them as the ranger fed them food, watching them swing from tree to tree and observing how they acted.

The Orang Utans in the Shangri La


kota kinabalu


The walk through the rainforest at the resort was nice but we opted against going with the official rainforest/canopy walk as we had heard of the other sites in Kota Kinabalu to see – we went on a 1 day tour of Mount Kinabalu, a World Heritage Site – this was fantastic and I would recommend anyone go on it, the sites are amazing, and memories will stay forever, the canopy walks were breathtaking, in line with the tops of the trees, a heart pounding experience.

Mount Kinabalu


kota kinabalu 2


We were given the opportunity to have some delicious authentic Malaysian food at a restaurant along the way in the depths of the Mountain villages. As a note – this day was very tiring, even though we were travelling via minibus! We are aware that some people climb this mountain over a few days but I don’t think we wanted to spend our 4 days in Borneo doing that!

The resort was absolutely beautiful and we spent most of our time there, walking around and enjoying the sites.

Location Shangri La


Shangri La Kota Kinabalu 7


In the part 4 of this blog, Omar will keep exploring Kota Kinabalu and travel onward to Langkawi.