Omar traveled to Malaysia for 13 days for his honeymoon, staying in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu (Borneo island) and Langkawi.


Hands down the best holiday I have ever had, and it couldn’t have happened without Orient Travel.

We arrived at Terminal 4 Heathrow and smoothly made our way onto the direct A380 flight to Malaysia. The service from the Air Malaysia hosts was impeccable, always willing to help and truly genuine, the best service I’ve yet to fly with.

In the air with Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

This type of service was to continue right through our stay in Malaysia. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport and a friendly driver was awaiting us at the terminal, with cold bottles of water and a spacious car amidst the 30 degrees heat, ready to take us to the renowned Trader’s Hotel in the city centre, overlooking the Petronas Towers.

On arrival we were greeted as if a celebrity entrance with plenty of staff there to welcome us. The transition to our room from reception was very smooth and we couldn’t have asked for a better arrival. The Trader’s room was beautiful and our view was of the Petronas Towers, definitely 5* quality.

View of Petronas Towers from the Traders Hotel (Deluxe Twin Towers View Room)


Kuala lumpur

We had heard of the Trader’s Hotel Breakfast, and so rushed down in time to experience this – it didn’t let us down. The breakfast was immense and had all that one could think of, from pastries, eggs, and cereals, to rice, curry, sushi and different types of meat!

We came to learn that Malaysians aren’t shy of eating rice and meat for breakfast! Having travelled to many countries and stayed in several 5* hotels I can confirm that this was the best breakfast I have ever experienced.

After breakfast we started to feel the effects of the 12 hour flight, and so slept the afternoon away. In the evening we wanted to go exploring around the city. We had been warned by the hotel staff that it would be best to take a taxi around however, alluding to the fact that it isn’t the safest place to walk around at 9pm in the dark.

We took their advice and decided to explore China town. We weren’t particularly fond of this area, it seemed quite run down and was mainly a market town. Within 2 minutes we decided to leave and wanted to see how walking through the city was like. Although it was eerily quiet at times, and there did appear to be distinctive poverty and homeless people on the streets, we were thankfully safe and managed to make our way to the KL Tower.

We had heard of the view at the top at the restaurant, and went to book a meal for the following evening. We then decided to take a taxi back as by this point, after 40 mins of walking, we were drenched in sweat from the humidity, and made our way back to our hotel.


In the part 2 of this blog, Omar will keep visiting Kuala Lumpur, the Templer’s Park and the Batu Caves.